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270 14 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0L3

403 500 8885

*** hours subject to change based on events, please call or email for more information. ***

Monday 11:30am-02:30am

Tuesday 11:30am-02:30am

Wednesday 11:30am-02:30am

Thursday 11:30am-02:30am

Friday 11:30am-02:30am

Saturday 4pm-02:30am

Sunday 5pm-02:30am  for reservations for private rooms reservations

To make reservations 

403 500 8885

Private Rooms Reservations 

403 500 8885


​We look forward to serving you

The Still Fine Spirits & Edibles in Calgary

The Still Fine Spirits & Edibles in Calgary


The Still Fine Spirits & Edibles, Calgary | Exquisite Sharing Plates | Crafted Cocktail Lounge